louisiana concealed carry and Firearm Sales

louisiana concealed carry and Firearm Sales

louisiana concealed carry and Firearm Saleslouisiana concealed carry and Firearm Saleslouisiana concealed carry and Firearm Sales

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II Alpha Defense Concealed Carry

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 II Alpha Defense, LLC is owned and operated by a former U.S. Army Combat Soldier. Our mission is to provide realistic firearms training and education. We also offer concealed carry training for the Louisiana state requirements to become a legal Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holder. The Chief Firearms Instructor served as a Drill Sergeant where he trained nearly 1,000 civilians to become Soldiers. He has successfully graduated from U.S. Army Sniper School and Reconnaissance Surveillance Leadership Course (RSLC). He also served in four combat tours with Third Infantry Division to include; Iraq 2003, Iraq 2005, Iraq 2007-2008, and Afghanistan 2012-2013 where He and his team provided personal security for U.S State Department personnel. He has continued his training by becoming a certified NRA Firearms Instructor.  So, why should you choose II Alpha Defense? The trainer is proven, a professional and an expert at his craft.



  To Coach, Teach, and Mentor each student with the up most respect, dignity, and courtesy.  

"Train and Make Ready"



"Train and Make Ready"

Comes from a range term "Load and Make Ready". The command means to load your firearm and make it ready for the course or task ahead. We will Train you and make you ready for whatever threat situation you may find yourself in.



Henery J. reviewed Two Alpha Defense5 star

Just took the concealed weapons class with Manny. Dude is a class act, he knows his shit about guns. I was experienced with guns before but still learned a few new things. I had a chance to have my permit back in 1994 but screwed around and never got it after I took the class. I like how he laid out the process and made it so simple complete now i finally did it. Thanks to Manny and Two Alpha Defense I would like to take more class.

 Very professional! I highly recommend IIAlpha for ALL your gun safety/permit needs   

Jeffery M

 Manny was straight forward and informative with the CCW class. He was patient when students asked questions and made sure everyone understood the point before moving on. would highly recommend, look forward to more advanced training in the future 

Loren S

Very professional! I highly recommend IIAlpha for ALL your gun safety/permit needs. 

C. Ray

 I took the CHP class with "Manny" yesterday and was very impressed with his great instructional skills and knowledge. We moved smoothly through the handbook and got lots off hands on instructions on all types of handguns. I will recommend the class to anyone that is interested in getting a CHP.
Thanks. C. Ray 


Definitely would recommend two alpha defense to anyone. Everything was broken down to where it was easy to understand and it was a fun class overall.


Daniel B.
Jacque Manuel and I served many years together in the Army. Jacque Manuel first served as my Platoon Sergeant and later as my 1SG while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. In my opinion Jacque is the epitome of a true professional. His ability to teach, coach and mentor is unparalleled. I have the utmost respect for him and know that any company he runs will be efficient, well managed and will provide top of the line education. 


Adam B

 Jacque Manuel and I were Drill Sergeants together, he was then and remains to be one of the most technically and tactically proficient individuals that I have met. He is always searching and achieving ways of bettering himself and his knowledge. He embodies the word professional!!!!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed; goal driven; out

Richard C

 One of the best around. Don't settle for second best if you're in the area and go with 2Alpha 


Angela V

 I have met Jacque Manuel personally. He is professional as well as personable. I know at least five people who have taken his CHP class. They all raved about how amazing it was. It was was very informative. He has trained over 1,000 civilians to become soldiers. I would recommend this class to anyone! 

 Anglea V.

 Thank you Two Alpha Defense! If anyone is interested in concealed carrying this is where to go. Jacque Manuel was professional, very thorough, and informative. I know several people who have now taken this class. If I did not feel Two Alpha Defense were the best choice I would not have encouraged my son and daughter in law to take it. Which they both did. Check him out folks. You won't find a better instructor. 

 Ben F.

 I received my 18" ar500 targets this week. Very pleased with quality and very reasonably priced!! 


Michael Nguyen
Took the class and it was very informative. I took Manny advise on doing the application online. I took the class on Saturday. On Sunday did the application online. On Monday went to State Police to do electronic fingerprint got home and got email stating my application been approved and just pay the final fee. I must say the turn around on my application was very fast. Shout out to Manny and Louisiana State Police for excellent customer service!

December 17, 2017 at 5:42pm · 

Awesome guy who teaches an awesome class. Definitely a class worth taking.


Nicole R Knox reviewed Two Alpha Defense5 star

October 19, 2017 · 

I took the FREE women's basic class and am super impressed by the knowledge and ease in communicating this information with newbies like myself! Will be taking the Concealed Carry Class in Dec. Excited to learn more, can't wait!

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